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Current Projects

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Solar Panels

  • For IADSMS to continue on its journey of educational excellence, electricity is critical and this is possible with solar power generation and storage systems.

  • Reliable and safe electricity is essential for operating and maintaining lights, a computer lab, a science lab, and school fans.

  • Solar power will enrich the learning experience of students and teach them about environmental sustainability and stewardship.

  • Consistent electricity will allow the school to be used at night for educational programs that can be offered to the community at large, including distance learning programs to help teachers and other staff to develop their skills and increase knowledge.

  • Due to the high cost of electricity in Liberia, this system would offer direct cost savings which would allow more scholarships to be given to students and keep tuition costs low. 

Solar Panels on Roof

past Projects

Water Tower

With plumbing infrastructure destroyed since the war years, access to water had been restricted to scooping from unsanitary drums and buckets. 


In October 2020, a next generation IADer organized a fundraiser to acquire money needed for constructing a water tower at the school. Ms. Laura Norman, granddaughter of co-founder, the Late Mrs. Christine T. Norman, spearheaded this successful effort to raise almost $4000 for this critical project. Water is LIFE! 

Education Backpacks for Liberia (Ebola Crisis)

During the 2014 Ebola epidemic, schools were closed for almost a year and IADSA Inc. partnered with FaithSeeders Ministries and sent almost 1,000 Education Backpacks to the children of Liberia, West Africa.  The backpacks included an assortment of learning materials (home-study packets), art supplies, Christian literature, and personal hygiene items for students in Pre-K to 12 grades. 



Computers and Technology

Our staff and students need the opportunity to be constantly engaged with technology so as to become the 21st professionals and scholars capable of competing globally.   There is a need to upgrade the information technology (IT) hardware and software and enhance the technological capabilities of the computer lab. Current needs in the following categories are:


  • Efficient Workstations – Chromebooks Laptops – Tablets - Printers

  • USB storage devices/flash drives/memory sticks

  • Consistent Connectivity Support (Internet Access Data)

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) - Surge Protectors


  • Windows 10 operating system (OS)

  • Microsoft Office Suite 2013 or higher

  • Antivirus Software (Symantec or McAfee)

  • Adobe Creative Suite 

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