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In a country where illiteracy has been severely rampant for many years, and where the destructive effects of war linger, the Isaac A. David, Sr. Memorial School (IADSMS) continues to overcome the odds in its quest for educational excellence. Situated in Paynesville, Liberia, West Africa, IADSMS serves the community by providing comprehensive, multi-lateral education for preschool, elementary, junior, and senior high school students. Founded in 1968 by two Liberian women visionaries, with only eleven students and three teachers, the school has flourished even under difficult circumstances and turbulent national periods but continues to serve its students, staff, and community with ardent commitment. 


To assist IADSMS on its journey of educational excellence, The IAD School Association, Inc. supports projects and programs of the institution by raising funds, donating materials and supplies, and providing assistance with professional development. 



Agro-Science & Engineering

Students at IADSMS are privileged to experience agriculture classes where they are taught the important skill of farming to grow food and exposed to the benefits of agro-science (such as the provision of food, shelter, clothing, and other goods).


The opportunity to participate in agriculture classes helps to instill the value of hard work, communication, caring, and entrepreneurship which are critical to the nation's economy.


In addition to soil production, students learn about irrigation and soil management. 


Special Scholarships and Tuition Assistantships

  • Funds are raised to assist families who cannot pay tuition or who have multiple children at the school.

  • Donors establish special scholarships in memory or honor of a loved one and decide on the criteria.

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Professional Development

All staff (administrative; instructional; support staff) have the opportunity to receive continuing education and training in various skill sets. These activities are offered virtually, online, or in-person. 

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