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Our students deserve reliable power to support online educational content. We need your help to make that possible.

Over the past few years, the Association has worked to provide access to an online curriculum, upgrade computers, and make personal devices available for students to use in school to maintain the level of academic achievement we were accustomed to.

Unfortunately, our efforts are hindered because the electric supply in Liberia is not reliable. As a result, the school incurs the added expense of purchasing fuel to run generators. Over the past five years, the IADSMS Board has been considering options for a solar solution, and they now have a viable provider with a proven track record to meet this need! 

We, the Isaac A. David School Association, need support from you, our fellow alumni and supporters to launch the campaign to raise $10, 000 towards the $60,000 solar project.

Let's help IADSMS retain its status as an elite educational institution in Liberia.


Establish a special scholarship in memory of, or in honor of a special loved one or someone you admire. All special scholarships must be a minimum of $500 with a commitment to provide the scholarship for at least five (5) years. 

To establish your special scholarship, please contact us.


Become a committed member by setting up a tax-deductible monthly recurring donation of $25 (minimum)


Please contact your company's human resource department for more information about charitable giving and matching programs such as:


  • United Way Giving - Corporate Matching Programs - Corporate Volunteer Hours - Benevity

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