The Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center (40 South Carroll Street,  Frederick, MD 21701) was the perfect setting for "The Gallery Walk" as was the theme for the 5th Annual Scholarship Dinner.  On Saturday, November 21, 2015, attendees not only enjoyed a tasteful Caribbean cuisine but were also entertained musically, served, and enlightened by members of the next generation (children of IADSMS alumni).


Guest Speaker Bonita Jude-Harrison (1974 alumna) challenged guests to never give up pursuit of dreams and passions, and reminded them that with trust in God, reaching goals is not impossible. Using humor and wit, she created a mental image of her time at IADSMS, sitting under the tutelage of Mrs. Sadie DeShield, Mrs. Christine Norman, and Mrs. Lottie Harmon. Dr. Jude-Harrison credits her foundation at IADSMS for her fortitude and achievements in spite of several disappointments and obstacles. To hear more of this inspiring timeless speech, please CLICK HERE


The evening was an interactive atmosphere as guests walked through the visual gallery of life at IADSMS past and present. Following an informative summary by Mrs. Christine Norman (co-founder) about the state of affairs post-ebola, and a question - answer segment,  attendees participated in mini-workshops at project tables of their choosing. At the tables, they learned more about the four areas of critical needs identified  as projects of focus by the IAD School Association, Inc. (USA). Insightful discussions helped to identify and formulate strategies for tangible ways to address these needs.


Many thanks to all participating alumni for organizing a warmly inspiring evening!